Our Working Students

Working students are an essential part of our program. The working students are made up of teens and young adults who work in exchange for riding lessons. The students have similar responsibilities as volunteers, although we have higher expectations for our working students in terms of time committed and the scope of work they do. They must demonstrate strong work ethic, competency in basic horse care and riding, a willingness to learn, a respectful attitude, the ability to work well with a team, and they must maintain satisfactory academic performance in school. 

Our working student program is a closed program. Students interested in the program may begin as volunteers and if our instructor feels that the student is ready, they will be selected for the program. Space is very limited in this program, so interested students must be prepared to work hard and put their best effort forward.

What Our Working Students Do

Our students work long days; doing a variety of tasks from routine horse care and barn chores to riding the horses before therapeutic and traditional lessons. They are expected to volunteer their time for at least 10 hours per week.

In exchange for their work, our working students receive lessons from our head instructor. They also are granted the privilege of schooling horses to get them in shape for therapeutic lessons. 

We welcome any teens and young adults who are looking to drastically improve their riding and learn horsemanship skills to sign up as a Horses Bring Hope volunteer and inquire about the working student program. After you have committed to your volunteer work and have shown your competency and a willingness to commit to the program, you may be selected to be a working student with us!