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We have been granted special access to the upcoming movie Unbridled BEFORE its official release date in the movie theaters and we are allowed to share it with all of you! 

Tickets are $10 per person (Seats are LIMITED)
Guests can arrive as early as 5:30
Movie starts at 6:15
Pizza, popcorn, and refreshments will be for sale
Gluten free options will be available

Anyone is welcome to attend this very special fundraising event!

Please make checks out to Horses Bring Hope. All payments must be made by Friday January 19, 2018. We will NOT be accepting payments after January 19, and there will be no purchases at the door as there is a limited amount of seating and we can not go over our limit. 

PLEASE NOTE: this movie is rated PG 13 and contains content not suitable for younger children. If you would like to see the trailer to the movie, please click on the link.