See what our clients and students have to say about Horses Bring Hope.

From Parents of Our Therapeutic Riding Clients...

My daughter, Caitlyn, is now eleven years old and looks and acts like any healthy girl her age, but at age five, she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is an aggressive soft-tissue cancer. After the removal of the tumor as well as some core muscles in her lower back as well as numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, she was once again healthy, but sorely lacking in balance. The doctors were very concerned about the potential of her back collapsing and restricted some of her activities.

Therapeutic horseback riding gives her an opportunity to exercise her remaining core muscles and develop her balance again while doing something she loves.
— Brian Sharp, father

From Our Traditional Riding Students...

Riding with Dina has challenged me as an equestrian in ways I never thought possible. My riding has improved tremendously since I started taking lessons at Horses Bring Hope. Dina is a great teacher; she recognizes my visual learning style and caters to my needs as a student. I have had the opportunity to ride a wide selection of incredible horses and I have learned so much from each of them. This program has improved my confidence in myself not only as a rider, but as a person. I like that it focuses not just on the riding aspect of the horse world, but on horsemanship itself. Dina goes a step further than other instructors I have had because she gives her students actual hands-on horse experience so that they learn about the animals themselves, not just the sport.
— Jenna D'Attilio, former working student
Traditional therapies were no longer working for my daughter as she suffered a stroke at five and a half. I was searching for new/alternative therapies that were fun for children and came across therapeutic riding. Since my daughter began with this therapy, I have seen her make huge gains in her recovery and her self-esteem.
— Moira Murphy, mother
I have been a working student with Dina for almost four years now. I love being with her and all of the other working students. All of us are very dedicated to making the horses the best that we can make them for the other kids that ride them. We all love what we do. The therapeutic part is very rewarding to me. Just seeing the kids on the horse smiling and having a great time makes me more than happy to be a part of this. The best feeling is knowing that you were a part of the process that made the child the person they are today. All of the kids that have struggled with something have improved greatly since they have started therapeutically riding with Dina. I would like to thank Dina for all of her hard work and dedication that she puts into helping the kids and the horses grow and learn.
— Brittnie West, working student
Brittnie and Prince

Brittnie and Prince

Horses Bring Hope has brought me back to working with horses in an even more wonderful way than I ever expected. Horses have always in some way made a difference in my life and myself. What I didn’t anticipate was the wonderful difference it has made for my two daughters, too. With one of my daughters—my youngest—we were working on improving her focus in school. Well, we’ve found that since taking riding lessons last spring she has improved her focus so much so that she’s made leaps in her studies in school. Working with horses provides a level of calmness, confidence, focus on task, leadership skills and so much more. I can say the lessons I’ve learned from working with horses have been lessons I can and do apply to other areas of my life. Thank you HBH.
— Lisa Guarino, Horses Bring Hope volunteer and mother
Taylor and Chocolate

Taylor and Chocolate

After riding at various barns throughout my 12 year riding career, I’ve finally found my forever barn family. Dina is unlike any of the other instructors I have had. She takes the time and effort to make sure I understand exactly what is expected of me. My riding has improved immensely after working with Dina and her wonderful horses. I have gained so much more confidence in my riding than I ever thought possible. Dina has also made extra time to understand me as more than just another student, and for that I am forever grateful. To have found a stress free environment where I know I am appreciated is such an amazing feeling. I can honestly say that I have learned more with Dina in the past 9 months than I have in my entire 12 years of riding and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
— Taylor Petrarca, working student